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About us

Advertising group “Media Control”

Year of foundation: 1995 – as a media buying structure.

Profile: development, implementation and analysis of annual and individual advertising campaigns, federal and regional.

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Everything starts with analysis

We use all the main tools of audience and media research

    Audiences and media metrics

    Mediascope (formerly TNS Gallup) is a measurement of TV and radio audience across Russia.

    AdFact - Monitoring of TV advertising on majority of Russian TV channels, including regional channels.

    Marketing Index - studies of consumer preferences of various audiences.

    Outdoor advertising

    Espar-Analitik is an integrated system for monitoring and evaluating outdoor advertising audiences based on the use of modern geoinformation technologies.

    Evaluation of potential audiences of advertising media.

    Social network

    Youscan, IQBuzz – is social media monitoring systems.

    Analysis of social networks, forums, blogs. Monitoring brands, customer reviews, competitors, etc.

    Indispensable tools for SMM and SERM (reputation management) tasks.

    Web analytics

    Google Analytics, Yandex.Metric are web analytics tools that help you get visual reports, video recordings of the actions of visitors to web sites, track traffic sources and evaluate the effectiveness of on-line and off-line advertising.

    Why we?

    The Media Control advertising group is:

    Communication strategy, tactics, tools, budgeting.

    • Advertising in the media
      Profitable purchase, operational management (setting, coordination, replacement of versions, accounting for fluctuations in ratings).

      Production in the media of commissioned materials, plots, broadcasts, etc.

    • Lead management
      Conversion of TV and/or Internet advertising to your potential clients (call, questionnaire, purchase)
    • Advertising and marketing Databases:

      Mediascope, VIMB, Espar, YouScan, etc.
    • Rich experience

      In advertising TV Shops, pharma, FCMG, mass media, etc.

      Examination of past advertising campaigns and the competitive environment.

    • Economically justified brand building

    • Online and offline PR, loyalty management, event and content marketing

    • All types of reporting

    Stages of work


    For us, all types of advertising, both online and offline, are just communication tools with the right audience. The optimal choice and distribution of budgets we determine together with clients in the process of developing a campaign strategy.


    This is a plan-based management of the work of communication tools with "feedback" and regular (monthly or weekly) reports (in the form of presentations) on the performance indicators of each tool and proposals for adjusting campaign budgets in order to optimize them.


    The maximum number of contacts with the right audience for the minimum money. And, as a result, the growth of the declared marketing indicators - sales, recognition, loyalty, etc. (depending on the tasks).

    The right choice of the instruments

    Main communication channels:

    • Television advertising

      TV advertising is the most effective way of reaching the audience, the scale of coverage is still unattainable for other ways of advertising distribution. The possibilities of emotional impact on the target groups are maximum.

    • Outdoor advertising

      We specialize in individual segments of the outdoor advertising market, from firewalls and traditional billboards (3x6 m), to our own city-format outdoor advertising surfaces and advertising at bus stops.

    • Advertising in the press

      Our agency offers services for placing your advertising in the press. Advertising in print media is an effective and powerful tool for promoting your product or service.

    • The Internet

      We offer our online advertising services: contextual advertising, banner advertising, representation in social networks, PR articles. Our agency has many years of experience working with social media - SMM, SMO, SERM (reputation management).

    “PO-Zvonki” is a special project for those who do not want to pay for extra contacts with the audience

    If the purpose of your advertising is to increase sales of specific products or services, this project is for you.

    The essence of the project:

    Your commercial (or a short plot) is placed on the TV channels participating in the project.

    Each product or service is assigned a free phone number from the 8(800) series.

    You only need to pay for the contact (call) of a potential client with your managers.

    The price of the call is determined by you in the process of bidding with TV channels.

    Our special software provides communication between the buyer, the call center, TV channels and you. There is online access to statistics.

    Thus, you are not paying for the ad itself, but only for its result!

    A detailed scheme of the project can be viewed on a special website.

    Our contacts

    Phone number: +7 (495) 930-63-05 (495) 930-32-07


    Adress: 119311, Moscow Stroitelei Street, House 4, building 1

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